Florian Rosier 


In my work I am trying to blur the borders of reality and imagination, the actual and the virtual. What was captured by the camera gets transformed into a new image, where some parts remain or are being multiplied, whereas others get canceled out or abstracted into something new. The frame expands the perceptual borders into an imaginery, surrealistic space leaving the subject isolated in an artificial, unreal surounding.

Jan Pötter


I try to reflect critically concrete social contradictions and conflicts, by using provocative elements in my work. I need to break of the artwork as a "indifferent aesthetically beautiful art thing" through the use of a visual dissonance.

Johannes Langkamp

(video art)

My work mainly revolves around an ongoing, playful, research into video as a medium. In most of my work this playing with video footage is the starting point. It is during this stage in my working process that ideas start to take shape and projects start to evolve.

Johanna Voigt

(mixed media)

Beeing on the move... - if we are neither at the starting point nor at the point of destination. If one reality transforms into another it is, for some people, a time in between, waiting, to others it is the greatest experience of presence.

  Katie Shambles


I create luridly coloured prints, drawings, and sculptures, allegories of our super fake reality. An exploration into a society bent on pleasure in what is arguably now a post utopian malaise.

Kevin Dost


Numerous materials and subjects are of interest to me. And I like to play around with those until I create a sculpture, where the visual impact is of most concern to me. Something recognisable, but new and daring at the same time.

Leonie Herrmann


Grotesque situations that transport both, an uncanny, uncomfortable feeling aswell as a sense of humour. Ambivalence, the balance of power in social relations and behaviour patterns are important parts of my work. I'm dealing with the human condition and frames of mind; my paintings and drawings reflect my way of looking at the world.

Matthias König

(sound art)

My aim is to create work that triggers the spectator's immediate reaction to the physical presence of visual and sonic elements. The emphasis lies on the pure experience of form, colour, sound, space and atmosphere delivered by the art work, and its transformation that takes place while the spectator reacts to it. Rhythm makes us move our legs, and visual arts should also affect us in a similar way. My focus lies on creating work that offers many possibilities of access in several dimensions, and that invites to stay and to be experienced in its entire appearance.

Nicole Urban

(interactive performance)

In my work I try to evoke multiple possibilities of interpretation with images and actions that can be poetic, absurd, empty, funny, … Failure is possible. That you will see an open and continuing process is probable. Details are as (un)important as the whole picture. Inspiration comes from the skin of a grapefruit or the way fat-droplets connect on water... Listen to your subconscious, react. What you might see: site-specific improvisation with a dollop of fruitful schizophrenia.

Qué Mas


What is QUÈ MAS?
– the social contact
– A duck
– Searching for the balance of the other
- (paying attention)
– gluttony
– drinking a glas of water

Richie Moment


Richie Moment is a picture in motion.

"Don't get him wet, keep him out of bright light, and never feed him after midnight." - Gremlins (1984)

"We are the future!...and nothing can stop us" - Class of 1984 (1982)

"He came from the past to destroy the future" - Warlock (1989)

Sarina Walter


As an Ironicus, my work takes pleasure from going with the same stream low culture as well as high culture are sometimes stuck in. It identifies itself by the visual appealing means of an image and through its irony is giving itself the possibility to create a critical, diversified appearance. Creating distance to both itself as well as its opponents makes itselffree and thus able to play with everything.

Erik Alkema 


As a visual reporter of the absurdity and randomness of life Erik Alkema narrates and recreates the world into his own universe.
He collects small personal stories within current social issues, and translates them into unique imagery that is mainly composed out of textiles.
He uses fleece to build large sculptural installations and creates costumes, puppets and masks which are used as the main ingredients for his documentaries and videos.

Joe Evans


Joe creates unearthly sculptural images from makeshift conglomerations. Although much of his work is two dimensional they appear to be guided by sculptural principles and techniques. His playful technique of photomontage, collage and sculptural installation explore the boundaries and possibilities between 2 and 3D work. Appropriating a variety of materials Joe’s work can be seen as architectural viruses, portraits of otherworldly deities and explosions of sculptural illustrations. His work investigates the surreal and synthetic nature of everyday microcosms and overlooked natural oddities.

Roos Marie Dijkhuizen


Living in Glasgow, Scotland
Currently exploring the realm of human interactivity through food, workshop and performance in a printmaker's body.