Avi Krispin 

Avi Krispin (b. Israel, 1980) is a video artist based in Amsterdam. In her short films, video installations and photos, she dissects societal interactions by focusing and exaggerating isolated moments. She creates highly controlled situations in which her characters remain trapped, doomed to repeat the same pattern again and again – feeling that something is amiss, but finding a way to play along.

Igor Sirjanow (Desert Ship) 

For us –Desert Ship- making films is the love to hurl ourselves into an adventure. A great adventure…starting with an idea, followed by the elaboration leading us into an artistic world without limits. Over to the technical realization, that challenge us in the reality. Up to the most important moment, when we can make our phantasy, our creativity, our cinematographic craft and the passion pooled in one film, visible for everyone.

Julia Pott 

Julia employs awkward animated characters to act out her inner confusions. She graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2011 with an MA in Animation, and now resides in Brooklyn, NY.

Kaweh Modiri 

Kaweh Modiri (1982) is a Dutch filmmaker and writer of Iranian descent. In 2010 he graduated from the Image & Language Department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. His graduation film "My burglar and I" is a true story about an artist who stalks his burglar over a period of a year and proclaims him to be the protagonist of his new film. The film had it's worldwide première during the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2011 and was awarded the René Coelho Award from the Dutch Institute for Media Art. In April 2012 he published his debut novel "Mr. Sadek and Others" at publishing house Thomas Rap. In the autumn of 2012 is his next film "Bodkin Ras" is planned. He currently lives in London where he works as program maker for an Iranian television network.

Leo Pfeifer 

Leo Pfeifer

Is a fine art media student who works with the 2.5 dimension. In his short animation he deals with borders between desperation and overcoming. A fusion between the past and the future creates a timeless moment.

Marco Tavolaro 

I'm a 29-years-old Italian transmedia artist and art director based in Madrid, Spain. My working tools include from bic pens and acrylic paint on paper or canvas, to digital animation, land art, installation, video editing, scriptwriting and mapping projections. Since 2010 I've been drawing with both hands, giving visual representation to the functional characteristics of the two cerebral hemispheres. At the same time I developed performance and land art work with the objective of discussing the distortion of perception, the contrast of interests between people and authorities, the freedom of expression. My last project deals with the creation of visual art in Vipassana meditation state, and the expansion of this one to group dynamics by means of the "Collective Unintentional Performances".