Chickenwally's Fanfare


Chickewally's Fanfare The fanfare of Chickewally is formed by Hanan and Aïcha Klei. Through their drums, bass, trumpet and shakers they explore a musical world in which anything can happen.

Gijs van Schoonhoven 

Gijs van Schoonhoven, born in 1953, studied the organ, churchmusic and music theorie. 
Today he is working as an organist for the city of Enschede, is tutor at the ArtEZ conservatorium and also plays church music at the Medisch Spectrum Enschede.
Over the years he gained great acknlowledgement by playing in many concerts, as a soloist as well as an accompanist.
Lately his focus grew more an more towards improvised accompaniment of mute films made in the beginning of the last century.

Good Neck 

Dancing around in your bedroom, the sound of rain against the window, chaos theory, the shapes on the ceiling you see if you stare long enough, only stepping on the white parts of a zebra crossing, closing your eyes, mitosis, taking a really long and warm shower, ambiguity.

Matthias König 

Drum and Space

During an improvised live performance, Matthias König will give a personal insight to where a huge part of his inspiration comes from in his sound-visual artworks. From scratch created electronic music will transform the gallery space into another dimension. The artist will make use of his own sound collection, sampling and combining them with synthesized and other sound sources. Spherical sound-carpets inwrought by strong rhythmic threads.

Now Is The Time 

Free style in its rawest form.
Without any concept or agreement, these seven musicians come together and communicate with each other through their instruments.
Solely striving for a common, subsidiary, energetic flow, this band is leading their listeners through the realms of Jazz and World Music.
Though, not in reminiscence, but in a daring manner, facing the Zeitgeist and at the same time allowing themselves for excursions into speculations about the future.



"... Then... where's this music coming from? Out of the air, down from the... P(rojekgroep) I(mprovisatie) T(wente) as Rob Lohues and Frank Buijs like to call it.
Since it started some 25 years ago in the living room, from where it extended to public space and later connecting it with other art forms, always playing in different settings, not being restricted by style... but improvising in the moment!"

..enjoy and be free and open, for then thou shalt grow...! PIT

Rob Lohues will find his way in his keyboard universe and now and then gives comments, sings along and when necessary shouts out, while Frank Buijs is drumming on the thythmical freeway, blowing the trumpet sky high and in the freefall touching all kinds of percussive things, ending like a Siren's lullaby.


SalemKlangerwerker craft unheard noises. The intention is not only to bend but to break and chop sounds. The result oscillates between thunderstorms and whispering with immediateness and roughness. It is both monolithic and grotesque. Instead of being tasteless, it has no taste at all.